Hi! My name is Michelle and thank you for visiting my site!

The Passion-ate started 6 years ago when I needed an outlet for my passion for food. Since then I have deleted all of my posts and started over because I finally know exactly what I am passionate about when it comes to food.

I’m passionate about plant-based eating. I am fascinated by the vast variety of natural ingredients available to us that that can improve our health and well-being. There is still so much to learn about nutrition and an infinite amount of recipes to be made with everything nature has to offer.

A bit about me! I live in Toronto, Canada with my husband and my little dog Lilly. I’m not vegan nor am I vegetarian but I do love creating and enjoying plant-based recipes. I spent the past three years working in food styling and recipe development where I shopped, cooked, and baked for food photography and sometimes commercials. I learned a lot and I am now getting ready to move to New York City. My future may be a bit of a question mark, so follow me as I find my way and embark in creating nutritious and absolutely delicious recipes!



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