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My Clean Makeup Essentials

As mentioned in my Fertility Journey post, I was diagnosed with PCOS when my husband and I were trying for a baby. As a means to understand my new diagnosis, I read Alisa Vitti’s Woman Code, a must read for all woman, not just those with obvious hormonal issues. This book … Continue reading

My Fertility Journey

A tad different from my other posts, I wanted to share my personal struggle with infertility. I’m currently 22 weeks and am now confident in my pregnancy to share what it took for us to get here. Despite the hardships, or maybe even more because of the hardships, we are … Continue reading

The New York Guide

This is the ultimate NYC city guide for those like me who love wellness, self-care, and beautiful things. I didn’t include many obvious attractions like museums and landmarks because you can find that information on any New York guide. Also, if you’re looking for my healthy NYC restaurant guide you … Continue reading

The Healthy NYC Restaurant Guide

(Two Hands, Tribeca) Since moving to New York I felt it was my duty to share my favourite healthy-ish spots to eat in the city. It would be selfish to keep these gems to myself.  I divided the list into four categories: 1. brunch/lunch 2. Dinner. 3. Grab and Go … Continue reading