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Creamy Sunflower Seed Kelp Noodles

My Creamy Sunflower Seed and Kelp Noodles is my new favourite recipe. It’s wildly simple to prepare, unique, satisfying, and of course, good for you.

Indian Spiced Pancakes with Coconut Cilantro Greens

My recipe for Indian Spiced Pancakes with Coconut Cilantro Greens is a must make plant-based recipe. It’s hearty, fresh, gluten-free, nutritious, and a unique way to enjoy split peas and rice. The best part is that the pancakes can be whipped up easily in a blender. 

Peanut Butter + Rose Water Chocolate Stuffed Dates

Peanut Butter + Rose Water Chocolate Stuffed Dates may be the easiest dessert recipe. Best part is they’re quick to make and can be kept in the freezer for whenever your sweet tooth starts nagging you. I actually adapted this recipe from the Instagram account Nourished by Kale. I elevated … Continue reading

Plum Crumb Cake

Farmers markets are just bursting with colours from berries, apples, apricots, currants, peaches, and plums. Now is the time to be eating fresh and local fruit! This recipe celebrates the sweet and sour flavours of the gorgeous plum. There are so many varieties in different colours and different sizes; it … Continue reading

Miso Pesto Pasta Salad

Pasta salads have their time and place. They flourish when the sun is shining, bathing suits are damp, and friends and family are gathered. Basically, pasta salad is a summer food. Searching for the perfect recipe for your summer gathering? You’ve come to the right place. My Miso Pesto Pasta … Continue reading

Aquafaba Dark Chocolate Mousse

Aquafaba is a pretty magical ingredient in the vegan world. It can be used as a substitute for egg whites because it can be whisked into stiff peaks, similar to meringue. What is it you ask? Aquafaba is the liquid from cooked chickpeas and is readily available in a can. … Continue reading