The Passoin-ate Cobb Salad

The Passion-ate Cobb is my plant-based version of the famous salad, which traditionally consists of chicken, bacon, Roquefort, avocado, and tomatoes. My salad is quite different but it’s inspired by the cobb’s cheesy, smoky, and creamy flavours using delicious plant-based ingredients. For instance, sunflower seeds roasted with nutritional yeast add a cheesy flavour, and cannellini beans baked with maple syrup and smoked paprika replace the bacon. A creamy tahini and cashew dressing is inspired by a buttermilk dressing, sometimes paired with the popular salad.  Continue reading

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Sunflower Seed Chips

Snacks help us get from one meal to the other. Without them we’d become ‘hangry’ and count down the minutes until dinner. Some nutritionists may interject and say if your meals are balanced then you shouldn’t have hunger in-between. I counter that debate and say ‘what fun would your day be without the joy of a snack?’ Continue reading

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Green Dumplings and Garlicky Sesame Chili Oil

Today is Valentine’s day, a day that celebrates love. To stay festive, I am celebrating my LOVE for dumplings.  There are so many varieties of dumplings, think pierogis, kreplach, momos, and gyoza.  My recipe is influenced by Chinese style dumplings that are made with a thin wheat based wrapper, boiled and served with chili oil.  Continue reading

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Gingery Rice Noodles and Greens

This recipe for Gingery Rice Noodle and Greens is a bit of a teaser to spring. It’s light and full of refreshing flavours such as leafy greens, cucumber, and mint. I’m currently visiting my in-laws in Florida and later this month travelling to Maui. I guess my excitement to escape the snow is reflected in this salad.  Continue reading

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Moroccan Quinoa Stew

What I love about Moroccan food is that it combines both sweet and savoury flavours. The mix of dried fruit, such as apricots and raisins, with cinnamon and savoury spices creates a comforting dish that doesn’t shy away from flavour. Continue reading

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Steel Cut Oats with Cherry Vanilla Bean Compote

This is my go to breakfast at the moment.  I was hesitant about sharing it because of its simplicity. Porridge is a common breakfast food that everyone enjoys and is easy to personalize. However, it wasn’t until I shared an oatmeal photo on my Instagram Story that I found out how passionate people are about their oats. Friends asked me how I prepared them and what kind of oats I used. So I took it upon myself to get serious about my oats and create my ideal oat recipe.  Continue reading

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