My Clean Makeup Essentials

As mentioned in my Fertility Journey post, I was diagnosed with PCOS when my husband and I were trying for a baby. As a means to understand my new diagnosis, I read Alisa Vitti’s Woman Code, a must read for all woman, not just those with obvious hormonal issues. This book changed my lifestyle. Woman Code focuses on a women’s hormonal health and how environmental factors come into play. Also diagnosed with PCOS, she was able to put her symptoms into remission by changing her diet, exercise, and eliminating toxic ingredients on her body and in her household. Prior to reading this book, I didn’t think twice about what I put on my body. Parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, and phthalates were part of my everyday routine. I didn’t realize these toxic chemicals had the power to disrupt my endocrine system. 

Your skin is your largest organ and your body absorbs everything you put on it. It’s no surprise to me that clean beauty is becoming increasingly popular. Consumers are becoming smarter and are demanding to know what goes into their products. If you want to check out if your favourite beauty products are safe to use check out the EWG database. You can search specific products, or if they’re not listed you can search specific ingredients to see how hazardous they are.

I was initially hesitant to transition to clean makeup because I was worried the products wouldn’t provide the coverage I was use to. Fortunately, I have found products that not only give me great coverage but nurture my skin.  In turn, my skin has improved and I feel the need to wear less makeup. I have embraced a more natural look.

With that said, I am sharing my clean everyday makeup essentials.  Making the transition doesn’t happen overnight but choosing a few key everyday products, like the ones listed below, is a great start. The best part is they are all formulated with nourishing, natural, and organic ingredients that benefit your skin as well as your look. Because most of the products are cream based, a beauty blender is ideal for application.

My favourite places to buy my clean beauty products in NYC are CAP Beauty, ABC Carpet and Home, and Credo Beauty. When I’m back in Toronto I love to visit Health Hut. I also purchase online from company websites and amazon.

Clean Makeup Essentials


Vive Sana: Daily Protezione

The most important thing I do to slow down aging is wear sunscreen. I wear it when it’s snowing, raining, and shinning. I love this brand because it’s 100% natural, moisturizing, and consists of healthy ingredients that nourish my skin. I put this on after my serum and instead of a moisturizer for the daytime. It also gives a dewy look, which I love.


Ilia: Vivid Foundation

I used Studio Fix Mac foundation for over a decade because it gave me great coverage. I was hesitant to try anything else, however this foundation is not only effective but also feels great. Switching from powder to a cream has been so much better for my skin that tends to be on the dry side.

Ilia: Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

If I’m running errands, or being active and need less coverage, I’ll use this tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. Bonus points for the SPF.


rms beauty: ‘un’-cover-up

This is one of the most essential items in my beauty bag. I use it as a concealer, focusing on under-eye, nose, and any blemishes. It can also be used in place of a foundation. I love rms products because they come in small compact containers, which is great for travel. Also, their products have a moisturizing coconut oil base.


Ere Perez: Jojoa Eye Pencil in Earth

I usually only wear eyeliner for night time or special occasions. I love this dark brown colour because it’s not too harsh on my fair skin.


rms beauty: Buriti Bronzer

I wasn’t convinced I wanted to use a cream-based bronzer but I gave it a try and love it. It gives you the perfect sun-kissed look with none of the orange. I also like to use this bronzer as an eye shadow.


rms beauty: lip2cheeck in Demure

Blush is my favourite makeup product. I overdose on it. I love this colour and it can also be used for lips.

Vapour: Multi-Aura Multi-Use Radiant in Whisper

Because I love blush so much I use this blush on top of the rms. I like that it’s a stick and you can put directly on your face. It can also be used for your lips and eyes.


rms beauty: living luminizer

Highlighter is key for glowy skin. I put it on my cheekbones, bridge of nose, and eyelids. Look no further than this product.

Setting Powder 

Ilia: Fade into you

After using so many cream-based makeups, I found that I could get a little too shiny. I use this finishing powder to calm down shine and set the makeup.


Ilia: Limitless lash Mascara

This mascara will give your lashes a natural elongated look. If you are looking for bold glam lashes, this isn’t it.


rms beauty: Lip Skin Balm – simply vanilla

For everyday I’ll use this lip balm. I prefer a natural lip during the day. It can also be used on any dry skin patches.

Ilia: Lip Gloss in Peek-a-boo

For night time I use this gloss. I love it because it’s not sticky but smooth and buttery. It’s also the perfect shade of pink. Unfortunately, I lost it and need to buy another one ASAP and therefore not in photo above.

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